Live Broker Info Session: How as a Broker you can INCREASE your BPS, provide LOWER Rates, and still give SUPERIOR Service

Join us live every Thursday,  @ 11AM PST (2PM ET)

During this Live Info Session, we're going to share with you what being a Broker is all about, bust Broker "Myths," answer ANY questions you have, and cover:

  • Our up to 275 BPS comp plan💰
  • Our LOW broker interest rates📉
  • Our Unbelievable service & support💪
  • Our EXCLUSIVE relationships with TOP Wholesale Lenders
  • Our 👉True A to Z processing (stay out of the file; DON'T chase conditions)

Join us LIVE on Thursdays, and let us show you just how quickly and easily as a Broker you can start closing more loans, providing lower rates, & making more BPS.


Mike Kortas ( Co-Founder ) & Brandi Thomas Team ( Your Point-of-Contact )

Mike Kortas

Brandi Thomas Team

Higher BPS. Lower Rates. Better Service.

Every Thursday @ 11:00 AM PST (2PM ET)

Closing More Loans

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